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About us

Discovery Dog Club is a Kennel Club Listed Dog Club and we have three classes which take place on Tuesday evenings.


We use the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Club Scheme which is a dog training programme that promotes socially acceptable dogs and creates responsible dog owners. The Scheme is non competitive and is open to dogs of all ages and all breeds whether Kennel Club registered or not.


We offer four levels of pet dog obedience as per the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Puppy Foundation, Bronze Level, Silver Level and Gold Level.  Literature for each level is provided free of charge. 


We have classes to suit every level of dog and handler. All breeds and cross breeds are welcome and Junior Handlers are encouraged.



Puppy Foundation Class


We like to get puppies into the puppy class as soon as they are fully vaccinated as it is important to socialise them at an early age. Your vet will tell you when your puppy can mix with other dogs after the second vaccination. 
The puppy class is often quite busy - but we usually have more than one instructor for that class.  Please bring your vaccination certificate, some tit bits and a favourite toy with you. 

Intermediate Class


Dogs over 6 months of age will normally join our intermediate class. 

This class concentrates on the good pet behaviour and works towards the Bronze Level Good Citizen Award.

Again, bring some tasty tit bits and a favourite toy and be prepared to spend a little time each day practicing your homework!


Discovery Dog Club
Our aim is to help you train your dog to be a well behaved member of the community and a good family pet.


Advanced Class

Once dogs and owners are proficient in the Intermediate exercises, they graduate to the advanced class to work towards the Silver and Gold Level Good Citizen Award dogs.  As you would expect dogs in this class can demonstrate a high standard of training.

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